You Need a Will

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If you don’t have a will and you live in the State of Georgia, you need to put a date on your calendar to have one prepared by an attorney. If you are married and have small children, your death could impact your spouse financially in ways you didn’t plan. If you own a home, depending on how it’s titled, your spouse could suddenly find that he/she is now the proud owner of a house jointly with two small children. The court would have to appoint guardians for the children if your spouse decided to sell the house (depending on their age) and the guardians would have to determine that selling the house would be in your children’s best interest.

Avoid making life even more difficult for your spouse after you are gone. Make sure your loved ones are taken care of in the way you want, not the way the State wants. Call my office at 770-631-2334 to set up an appointment.

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