Why Doesn’t My Attorney Call Me Back?

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Why Doesn’t My Attorney Call Me Back?

In this age of instant contact with e-mail and text messaging, many people expect an instant call-back when they leave a message for their attorney.


Many attorneys, myself included, only call back at certain times of the day.  We need to concentrate on what we are doing.  If we answer every phone call and return every e-mail instantly, we’d never be able to do anything else.  I try not to let the sun set on an unreturned phone call, but it does happen.  The standard (or so I’ve read) is that a call be returned within 48 hours.  That’s way too long in the bankruptcy world if a new client is looking for an attorney.  They will just call the next one in their referral list.


I normally try to return phone calls just before lunch and just before I leave the office for the day.  If I’ve been in court, I will try to return calls before I drive back to the office, but if it’s a current client, I will wait until I arrive so I have their file handy.


We also have clients who call quite a bit.  Since I only return calls a few times a day, I can collect their messages and answer several questions at once.  If you can make a list of what you need to talk to your attorney about and only call once a day, your attorney will have an easier time when they call you back.


I don’t normally give my clients my cell phone number.  It is easier to have a record of their call, which only happens on my office phone.  I also can’t save text messages to their file without a bit of work on my part, so e-mail is a better communication form for me.


When I am in court, I can e-mail my clients if necessary as long as I’m not with another client.  I can’t talk on the phone in court, but I can type.  If I need a client’s file to answer the question, it has to wait until I’m back in the office.


If your attorney doesn’t call you back and you haven’t retained one yet, call me.  770-631-2334.