What Do I Wear to My Meeting of Creditors?

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What Do I Wear to My Meeting of Creditors?

I’ve seen pretty much everything at this meeting, but what I recommend is business casual (khakis and polo shirt or button-down for men and slacks and a nice top for women).  I’ve seen shorts, muu-muus, suits, and cocktail dresses (that was me as I had a function to go to directly from this meeting).  I’ve not seen a swimsuit yet, but wouldn’t be surprised if it happened (if you do, please wear a cover-up over it).


This is a court hearing.  It’s not held in a court (yet) in our division; it’s held in a hotel, but will move to the courthouse January 1, 2015.  Please dress as if you were in court.  It’s a very brief hearing, but it’s a court hearing.


If you have beautiful, expensive jewelry or furs that you want to wear, make sure you’ve disclosed those items in your schedules.  Our jewelry exemption here in Georgia isn’t very generous, so if you wear that 4-carat diamond ring, make sure you’ve listed it on Schedule B with the appropriate value.


If you are a man and choose to wear a hat (baseball cap, golf cap, or the like), please remove the hat while you are at the table for your meeting with the trustee.