Divorce and Bankruptcy

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Divorce and Bankruptcy

Over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Many divorces are caused by financial problems. I can help end some of those financial problems for those couples. John and his wife fought over the bills each month and finally decide to end their marriage because of it. They can file bankruptcy together before they get divorced and discharge all their credit card debt. That way, neither is liable for each other’s debts in any settlement arrangements they may make. They each get a fresh start in their new single life without that debt making them dislike their spouse anew each month if they had to pay old bills run up by them. The fresh start during their divorce instead of after may even convince them they didn’t really want to split up, just erase the debt and start over with each other. I’m a great referral for your neighbor or friend who is talking about leaving their spouse because of financial difficulties. Bankruptcy can make it better in the long run.

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