84 Days Until Christmas

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84 Days Until Christmas

Yesterday, I saw a post on my Facebook feed that said, “85 days until Christmas!”  It made me think about the incredible rise in the amount spent on gifts in the holiday season for friends and families since I was a child (which may or may not have been quite some time ago).  Many of my clients come to me with considerable credit card debt after the holiday season.  I understand about wanting to make the holidays special for your family, but you do not have to go in debt to do it.  Yes, children want lots of goodies, but they don’t have to receive them to be happy.


Try to find alternatives to spending money you don’t have–spend time at a park together, make homemade gifts, and maybe cut down the number of gifts given.  I’ve told my friends that I don’t want gifts; I have what I need and just want to spend time with them.  Gifts are not necessary.


Adopt this attitude while your children are young.  Their friends may have more physical things, but if children and family have love, that’s all they need.  I am guilty of giving my child way too much when he was young; we’ve cut back considerably.  Remember, giving your children everything they want doesn’t teach them that it’s OK to want things and work to get them.  How many times have we seen children get tons of gifts and play with them for a day or so and then they sit in a corner or toy box?  A few well-chosen items can let your child’s imagination grow as they come up with new things to do with what they have and make those post-holiday credit card bills a thing of the past.

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